"Automatic" partitioning and overwriting of Windows partition

I’ve always used Linux with Windows 10/11 dual boot. Now I’ve just got a new laptop (12th gen i5, 16gb memory, 500gb SSD) and was looking to install Endeavour OS in a way that completely overwrites the Windows partition.

I was looking into some installation tutorials and see an Automatic partition option. Two questions in this regard:

  • If I select Automatic option, will the Windows installation be overwritten?
  • Also will Endeavour OS use the entire hard disk as install partition or will a dedicated partition be installed? I’m looking to install Endeavour OS in a dedicated ~30-40gb partition rather than using the full SSD

What is the best way to go about the installation procedure in this regard? Appreciate advice on this.

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Use the “Erase Disk” option in the installer. That will erase everything and use the whole disk for EndeavourOS.

EDIT: You don’t want that.

In that case, use the manual partitioning option.

In that option you can delete the existing Windows partitions.

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