Auto Login not working with "no desktop"

Not sure if it’s intended or not, since terminal only installs don’t include a desktop/login manager to automate, but when you do a console-only install and select to automatically login, it doesn’t (looking do do a steam-deck like experience so I need it to auto login to console and start gamescope and Steam). Obviously I can set it up manually, but I don’t know if it’s supposed to work or maybe there needs to be a note in the installer somewhere that autologin doesn’t work for console setups (or maybe there already is and I missed it in my rush to install).

Auto login is configured in the DM so it is intentional that it doesn’t work if you don’t install one.

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Thought it might be that but I figured I’d mention it anyway. Didn’t see any other mentions when I searched, so now if someone else looks they’ll find something. :grin:

You can use this as a starting point to configure/ setup autologin without a DM.

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