Authentication Agents

One of the things I’ve found unusual with Antergos, and now EndeavourOS in Xfce is the really large Authentication Agent windows. Since there might be some new people here that didn’t see my original posting in Antergos about this, @joekamprad gave me the answer to fix this.

Install “xfce-polkit-git** , which provides /usr/lib/xfce-polkit/xfce-polkit”. When you install it, it will tell you it will conflict with the gnome-polkit. I tell yay to replace the gnome for xfce, and when I restart I have normal Authentication Agents again. So far, I haven’t had any problems with either Antergos or EndeavourOS.

HTH anyone who doesn’t like the half screen width Xfce authentication window. :wink:


Hi @Adam! Nice to see you here at endeavouros forum!

That’s why i like some WMs modularity. Just for example i use i3, lxpolkit and xfce4-panel :slight_smile:
xfce modularity wins :slight_smile:


@fernandomaroto I really like the i3 idea, and adding the lxsession and xfce4-panel sounds intriguing. I’m really impressed with WM’s, but (and this is totally backwards) even though I started using computers in the early Radio Shack Tandy and CP/M days, I’ve become a window and mouse guy. I really like the idea of different sections being for certain things, but I also like the ability to resize as needed quickly…which for me means windows and mouse. I know, weird, huh? I used to be an all-keyboard user. Not so much anymore. Though, it’s still fun to show point-and-click users how to do things in Windows from the keyboard. They freak out and insist you can’t do it. But, of course, you can. :smile: So, I’m sure there are ways to do what I like using a WM instead of a full DE, but…I don’t know if I want to go through the process of learning something new (old?) again. But, yeah…I’m really impressed and intrigued by i3!


If you decide to play around with i3, here is a cheat sheet that I used feh to install as my background. I don’t use it very often, but when I do I just press the Mod key and any workspace number not being used. Voila, cheat sheet. Mod key and workspace number of working workspace, back to business.

Here is the cheat sheet


i’m a lazy i3-wm user :stuck_out_tongue: I started using the “hard way” but i started to bring confort to my personal use/taste.

I can’t use WM/DE without easystroke anymore (mouse gesture recognition)

I guess the only “thing” i still use the keyboard to launch (everyday) is the terminal.
I open browser, folders, thunderbird, close, shutdown my system using easystroke. I really get used to it.
Some more specific softwares i open using terminal, dmenu, or even xfce4 panel/menu.

I like i3 for the way i can set a window in full screen mode, floating, send to another desktop etc.
Specially full screen to run VMs, which you can’t know the real system is behind the VM.

That’s why i may never use sway, because easystroke doesn’t work very well (since was made for X11 and probably won’t be updated for wayland)

Be carefull if you decide to check easystroke or you may get addicted too. :slight_smile:

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