Aura package manager

Just came across this video. Watching it right now.
Seems to have some interesting features.

It does have some cool features. I use it for some of it’s advanced features but not as a day-to-day package manager.

For example, the syntax for removing orphans is much more intuitive in aura

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Do I want to believe someone wearing a Manjaro shirt? :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding! Anything Linux is okay with me, I just like to poke fun sometimes! DistroTube is legit in my opinion, watching the video now. All things considered though, I’m still pretty happy with yay and I had an issue last week that I reported on their git page and they responded back the same day, so the developer is still very active as well.

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Been using it for months, it’s my main package manager, it just “falls down” with stuff like pcloud, it doesn’t like pclouds install method :smiley:

…It looks like a few nifty features but others are MORE complicated than yay.
The fact that you don’t update everything at once and can only search separate repos for example is just a hassle, not a feature.

Exactly, I don’t like it is a normal package manager but I use it for some of it’s interesting features which aren’t regular package management.

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Also i find the flags confusing… looking at their official page and -C is for downgrade, not Clean, while -Cv is Clean? I assume the dev isn’t a native English speaker since a lot of the flag letters don’t make sense.
I mean what does the j in -Oj stand for (cleaning all orphans)?

I know, part of it is what I am used to with pacman, but the mixup between downgade and cleaning is just weird.

Edit: There also seem to be no way of saving flags, like in yay (aka I have my yay set to auto-delete all build dependencies among other things).

I just came across accidentally. Saw this guy for the first time. :wink:

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Don’t worry, he’s not specifically a Manjaro user, he uses a lot of various distros, I was just trying to add a little humor :stuck_out_tongue:
Come to think of it, I actually don’t know what his main distro of choice is, but it’s more than likely something Arch-based for sure I’d reckon.