AUR software stopped running

EOS with i3
yesterday I done some system cleaning…
all my AUR packages are in their AUR folder.
But they no longer appear in the Menu or as a command e.g

$ obs
bash: obs: command not found

any advice on how to correct the issue??

Exactly what you did might point to what might have gone wrong.

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What did you do specifically?

Err…usually AUR packages get installed to the system locations and don’t stay in an AUR folder. What are you referring to here?

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Reinstall the packages you removed?


I started with

paccache -rk1
paccache -rku0

then I installed BleachBit
and deleted various things using BleachBit gui - but nothing that I thought would be dangerous…

then I used a script called maint (from AUR)

And today the AUR packages are not working.

So I have a floder called AUR for the purpose of installing AUR packages.
I git clone the package cd into the package folder and makepkg -si

So all the packages are there and even when I cd into the package floder and do a makepkg the packages are not apperanig in the menu

I hope I am explaining the situation clearly enough…
Thank you

The packages are actually getting installed to other parts of your system then. That aur folder is just holding the packages and the data used to create them.

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You can see where the programs are getting installed if you look at the PKGBUILD

They won’t be installed unless you run makepkg -i or install the package after building.

You can reinstall your packages:

sudo pacman -U your-aur-folder/package-name/package-name.pkg.tar.gz

(file extension may be different)

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Thank you.
Did the job.

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BleachBit? :roll_eyes: :scream:

yeah - it was in a list somewhere in Arch wiki (i think) as a gui tool to clean system.

Ya i know but it’s like using all those free cleaners available for Windows. Just be careful with these types of tools. :wink:

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thanks for the warning.

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