AUR package gtk-xfce-engine not found

After today’s updates gtk-xfce-engine can’t be found in AUR anymore. Do i have to update it manually, or should i just remove it?

I’m still pretty new to arch, so i’d really appreciate the help. Thanks!

what for you have it installed? as it was in [extra] before… but i would simple remove it…

hello,the package is gtk2, no

I removed that one this morning ‘yay -R gtk-xfce-engine’…along with xf86-video-intel
dunno why I had that intel carp installed as I’ve got a AMD cpu with integrated graphics…:thinking:

with this new xfce 4.14 can all the ‘old’ gtk2 stuff be removed now?

so no it can not be uninstalled or it was not on extra repo ? and it is not only gtk2:

This package provides the Xfce Gtk+-2.0 and Gtk+-3.0 engines, which allows
for homogeneity in applications for both business and personal desktops.
Minimum required Gtk+-2.0 version is currently Gtk+-2.20.0.
Minimum required Gtk+-3.0 version is currently Gtk+-3.2.0.
Gtk+-3.4.0 is not supported by the default themes.

Package gtk-xfce-engine is deprecated by the Xfce team and no more available from the Arch repos.
So ti should be OK to remove it, I already did that.

Does anyone have any issues after removing it?

I removed it and have no issues!

Neither here !

please uninstall gtk-xfce-engine.
It is not needed anymore:

sudo pacman -R gtk-xfce-engine