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paint me R for redundant then, I am absorbing this now. Graci.

I read your tutorial–it’s great. Stuck on a couple things.
what is the yay command to get/retrieve/view the pkgbuild file? yay gedit -makepkgconfig for example? (That’s the closest thing I could find in man yay).
You also state building the package is the only way to see the pkgbuild file.
I’m confident I will have the chance to abort if I see something fishy…

Will I be opening it in terminal vi? or my gedit to read it? how to get the file? thank you!


yay focuswriter
1 extra/focuswriter 1.8.4-2 (6.1 MiB 8.4 MiB) 
    Simple, distraction-free word processor
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)
==> 1

I think what you saying is if I hit “1” then it will start to build and eventually I will see the build file before I get the install Y or N prompt…then I have a chance to scroll up and down it and investigate. I think the yay tool you are talking about to inspect the PKGBUILD is simply yay shinythingiwant. Is this correct?

The GUI version of PKGBUILD inspection seems to be at Arch at your link:

I hit the link ‘View Pkgbuild’ and I get this:

This is the clean, tight script you said to look for. It’s evident. You mentioned raise an antenna re: the SEDS, but the script is clean with the SEDS and no gratuitous semi-colons.

I learned a lot and I will quit pestering you! Thanks for all your help and for the tutorial.

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