Aur/openmsx-catapult libraries not found / missing openmsx-debugger?

openmsx-catapult will not start after installation. (.git and without .git version in aur/…)
Does not see / provide libraries, such as:
… at least on my machine.
Fortunately I found these under installation path of vmware. So I’ve copied those to /usr/lib32 and after ldconfig catapult was working.

Is there hazard of potentially loosing this files after next update of endevour?
Does it make sense to file a bug or similar? How do I do that?
I am missing the app “openmsx-debugger”. Where can I get this?

Thank you

No, not easily possible. libtiff is in Arch Extra and is at 4.5.0-1 which includes It was updated 2 weeks ago to the current version.

You are in some luck, that is in the Arch Community package libjpeg6-turbo, which you can install if you wish.

It’d be better to ask the package maintainer of the openmsx-catapult package if they can update for the current AUR packages. Or find a flatpack or appimage and run the app from there.

thank you for the guidance to libjpeg6turbo.
I will head to ask the maintainer of catapult package.

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