AUR not available?

I’ve tried switching mirrors and using 2 different terminal programs, but I’m getting
“AUR is unavailable at this moment”

You may have been querying it too quickly and have been rate-limited. Don’t query the AUR again for a while (e.g. make sure you don’t have an update notifier set up to check the AUR every five seconds), and try a bit later.

Now I’m getting this error message, too.

And two days ago, I noticed querying the AUR took a long time (20+ seconds), but that got fixed yesterday.

Today i had hard time few hours ago to access web version of AUR, perhaps some server problems they having…

I haven’t updated any programs from the AUR repo today, so I can’t confirm this.

It might be down to the specific ISP or route - I can access it fine today, but I know it was having issues yesterday.

It seems to work fine for me.

I did finally get to download the program I wanted.

I don’t check it very often, or got to the AUR, but it has been slow for sometime now.

I got that message once yesterday, but when I checked again a while later it was up and running.

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I upgraded Google Chrome from AUR today. Everything went flawlessly, I didn’t experience any problems.

Working fine for me over here.