Aur helper with less dependencies than yay

I’ve installed yay, but it’s written in go, so I had to install go too.
is there another aur helper with less dependencies?
or maybe I could install yay-bin instead of yay?

I use baph and it is minimal

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thanks, I look for it

go is just a build dependency which means you don’t have to keep it after install.

However, if you don’t want that, you can install yay-bin instead it only needs pacman and git which you probably would need anyway.


but I should install again go with every yay update?


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It will if you remove it or remove orphans.

Alternatively, you could explicitly install go and then it would just stay installed and not be removed as an orphan.

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Also, all of the above is only true on Arch.

If you are running EndeavourOS, yay in the repos and doesn’t require go


yes, you are right, it was an Arch question :grin:

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