Audioplayer on Gtk

Since Audacious has changed its interface to qt, it doesn’t really fit into the Xfce environment anymore. Can you recommend me an AUDIO-player with gtk-basis, which is still under continuous development? So NO Rhythmbox or Banshee etc. I have just started the search, but everything that seems to be good is hardly developed further. My local music also only contains about 6000 titles. Streaming not beeded.


Also, I put this together last year:


Personally, I’m sticking to audacious anyway. I just downgraded, I think to 3.10 version to keep GTK. Apparently there is a build flag still extant to allow GTK interface in version 4 - but I haven’t got to the point of investigating further (my coding skills are out-of-date at best) - but I hope someone who has those skills will AUR it!

As far as the appearance goes - you can get fairly close to acceptable with kvantum and judicious settings - depending on what your ‘default’ look is - or you can fire it up, then hide it (my conky keeps me updated on progress etc) or even use one of the skins it comes with (Winamp style) to avoid looking at the QT theming…

Good luck!

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Celluloid, it’s a GTK+ frontend for mpv.

It plays more than audio, but it plays audio :wink:

is no better player then deadbeef :stuck_out_tongue:

there is much to handle :slight_smile: exaile from aur?

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What’s wrong with audacious-gtk3? It’s in AUR and works just fine…:slightly_smiling_face:

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That would be my favorite thing too. I never liked Winamp-skins.

I use mpv for videos. For music it did not come into my mind yet. I miss too much for that.

There is an entry in the AUR for it - but it isn’t actually GTK it seems. Haven’t found out why yet though. The AUR gtk3 edition is fine though, and I’ll keep it until I HAVE to do something else :grin:

Edit: Just took a look at the PKGBUILD, and it seems the package was relying on the --enable-gtk runtime flag… which has been dropped :frowning_face: You have to go the source now to enable gtk I’m told…

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What about using mpd with a gtk fronted/client?

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audacious-gtk3 seems most worth a try to me. Deadbeef comes along again with a lot of stuff, like Amarok.

I haven’t tried it yet, I didn’t get along so well with Cantata under Plasma. But it is worth a new try.

There is not only Cantata. There is also Sonata and probably some more.

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I will have a closer look at DeaDBeaF in the next days. It reminds me very much of my sorely missed Foobar. I just have to find my way into the settings first. Especially the user interface requires some effort. But until now :+1: Under the hood very good.


Just use the GTK3 version of audacious from AUR it works fine just used it for audio tags as well.
I find deadbeef does not have the same sound quality, so for me its audacious and lollypop for music.

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When installing the audacious-plugins-gtk3 the question comes up:

jack2 und jack stehen miteinander in Konflikt. jack entfernen? [j/N]

remove jack?

In general prefer jack2 to jack

More info on what & why for those who’re interested


Worth a try…I use and like very much…

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Thanks for the info - now I’m happy I chose jack2 :grin:

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Yes, DeaDBeeF was the closest thing I found to beloved foobar, back before I came over to the dark side and embraced mpd + ncmpcpp.