Audio device disconnects repeatedly

Hi guys, I’ve been using EOS for quite some time now and I’m very happy with it but there’s been a problem that’s been bothering me lately. The audio device seems to be disconnecting and conecting sporadically, the sound and video stop playing. First I thought it was a hardware problem but then I tried to use Mint and windows and had no problem there. Is it posible it could be a pipewire problem ? recently I made a fresh install of EOS and I’m having the same problem again.

You have to be more specific for anybody to help you. What is the hardware (audio) what drivers are installed for this?

Try posting the output of your inxi -F in this thread for starters, please.

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-z, --filter Adds security filters for IP/MAC addresses, serial numbers,
location (-w), user home directory name, host name.

:eye: inxi --help