Attention grub update


This worked for me as well on my Arch install

It worked, many thanks


I just updated grub. I’m not sure if i did it exactly when the updated package was installed or just afterwords because i had no issue booting after this updated grub package. Only ran it as a precaution but i don’t think i needed to? I honestly don’t understand these issues because if there is a an updated grub package it doesn’t do anything until you run update grub. If there was going to be an issue it would happen after you update grub not just because it installed a new grub package. It’s running the grub update that creates the configuration. :man_shrugging: I don’t know? Maybe I’m missing something here but this makes no sense to me.

Quick question - does systemd-boot work with the BTFS snapshot feature provided by btrfs-assistant?

Yes, but you can’t boot off of snapshots like you can with grub.

That’s ok, I don’t mind manually restoring if needed, I just want to make the update process pretty automatic (I forget to do things). Thanks

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I just updated the packages including grub. As a precaution, I ran grub-install first and then updated the config file. Although I haven’t had any problems before when the grub package has been updated, I still thought it would be good to be careful. Until now, I didn’t think about the importance of these steps, but since the known grub problem happened last August, it might be worth doing this much. We’ll see what happens in the future.

no reports about issues anyway for this grub update already superseded…
grub 2:2.06.r440.g4de39a2af-1


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