Atoms is a GUI Tool to Let You Manage Linux Chroot

Atoms. I have not yet dug deep What is in it for EOS users.

Another GUI for a terminal-centric distro?

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I don’t see Arch as a supported distro there

atleast it is in the expermental list

Manage chroots?

I don’t really even understand how or what that means? Arch-chroot is so easy, I can’t imagine making it easier.

How do you have multiple chroot?

It probably means managing chroot jails for programs. Not simply chroot from a alternate boot.

You can have as many chroot’s as you want. Chroot’s aren’t only used for rescuing a system, they can serve as a type of container. So if you have want separate chroots for a bunch of different applications/purposes, I can see how a tool to help you manage them would be a convenience.