Atlantis "nauseating" distrowatch comment: pacnew merging?

Someone on distrowatch seems unhappy…

With Atlantis, EndeavourOS is effectively turning itself into a point release, employing distro-specific changes that completely gut the reasons most users prefer a rolling release distribution. It’s nauseating.
Compared to vanilla EndeavourOS requires significantly more pacnew merging and manual intervention through upgrades due to middleman patches. Something that hasn’t been required on Arch since 10/23/2020.
What was once just another way to install close-to-vanilla Arch with an extra safety net and a pretty purple XFCE theme has become yet another rolling-but-not-really-rolling-based-release that will come and go within the next few years.

What – if anything – are they on about?

These are essentially the unfortunate ramblings of someone that is triggered, but more importantly they are very misinformed about the inner workings of EndeavourOS and they should be regarded as hyperbole (e.g. ignore the ignorant). Literally everything they said is wrong, so take review comments with a grain of salt. I don’t know the French version of that, but this person is just wrong and a bit unhinged if I’m honest.


It sounds like they have no business making a comment. I have successfully time travelled more times than they’ve had a competent thought.

Almost everything you read on the internet is a lie. That’s the truth if it.


This was already posted twice on the forum:

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Ah, indeed. And in retrospect, a search on one of the phases would have revealed that more effectively than the more general search terms I used.

Sorry for the noise.

(Since that’s the last comment on Distrowatch, and the only one on Atlantis, I’d wager this is not the last time somebody posts it here…)

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Well I tried to write a thoughtful post as a counter review but distrowatch did not bother/allow to post it. Here this is for you distrowatch :-1:

Yes, I saw that in the linked threads. @eleius tried as well.

It’s certainly strange that this borderline frothing at the mouth comment is the only one standing since the ISO refresh.

Did you ever figure out what criteria Distrowatch actually employs to filter comments?

Not sure this is the right video, but distrowatch posted/bullied another distro

I think you hit the wrong one - it should have been this one. :fu:

Minimum 2000 words.

That post above is 93 words. They probably meant 200 characters…

Right, that’s what is written above the comment box.

Comments (minimum 2,000 words):

If the true criterion is indeed 200 characters, it is nothing short of remarkable that they managed to get both the number and the unit wrong.

200 chars is not much at all, though. Two or three complete sentences. Surely your attempted thoughtful post exceeded that?

Yes, I wrote about 3-4 paragraphs and submitted it about 3 times since it was never posted.

The UI is a bit weird; I posted a three-letter “comment”, and instead of the expected error message along the lines of “this is too short”, it just… reloads the comments page…? … no feedback whatsoever.

Distrowatch is a strange place.

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