Atari VCS (Video Computer System)

That was…unexpected :space_invader:


Interesting indeed, but how does it compare to the PS5 or Xbox Series X for that price? :thinking:

Well it doesn’t.

It’s PC / classic console hybrid…Sounds like totally different niche to me

But i expect a lot of indie game devs to join the whole fun for aesthetics, there are plenty of weird people who were still making classic Atari games in late years :crazy_face:

More of a culture

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Looks like a Google-chrome hybrid :slight_smile: pretty nice…

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the fixed 32Gb internal storage is a bit small… but I would buy it for my Kids :wink:

I’m impressed, but confused. From the specs, it runs their custom Debian, probably from the 32 GB eMMC, but then there is that ability to run Ubuntu or that drafty OS? On the NVMe?

Looks like another Raspberry PI-like based project using Stella for emulation, but using a Ryzen processor instead.

It is far simpler to use a computer, plug some atari like joystick and launch stella.

I won’t spent any money in this gadget.

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I click on that link in the OP, and all I see is: Google, Google, Google…

Thanks, I hate it! :slight_smile:

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Yeah…Google part doesn’t look like fun.
Although nobody forces you, as far as i understood you can run Linux