At login, it accepts the password, but then it doesn't boot

the password is right, since if I type an other it reply with an error

in a virtual machine under parallels


If you entered the wrong password three times it will lock you out for 10 minutes.

Thanks for the update but it doesn’t lock me, since the screen turns black I think the login process is reset

What desktop environment and display manager are you using? To me seems that the system get stuck during the DE loading (probably missing something) and so put you back on your DM.

Can you also try this?
When login screen appears, after your first attempt to login fail, leave it at that. Then press Ctrl+Alt+F2 and you will be in tty2. Enter there login and pwd and see if it log you in correctly. If so from there we can find the correct log and see what’s the problem.

And most important thing! Welcome to the forum!

yes Andrea, I had it in the back of my mind… and I can login

Ok so, what DE and DM are you using?

good question
I remember xcfe

Ok, so you can try this. Start your wm, don’t login, switch to tty2 and log in there. Check if xorg-xinit is installed (I cannot remember because is a long time I don’t use xorg) with

pacman -Qi xorg-xinit

If it is already installed verify that there is in your ~ the .xinitrc file with

ls -a ~

If exists back it up and then replace the content with startxfce4, you can use nano as terminal editor.
If it doesn’t exist just

echo startxfce4 >> ~/.xinitrc

Now from there you can start your DE with


directly from the tty. If it works that’s mean that the DM (lightdm in this case) as something wrong, if it doesn’t it will fill a log and give you the location of said log. In this case please post it here.

In any case I really think it could be something with parallels (never owned a Mac and never tried to use it with Linux, so I cannot help there if not only searching through the web, but in that case we will need more info regarding what options have you used to install EnOS)