Artemis Nova is here

It is not exactly one incident, we’re still getting users affected by the issue. Having an unbootable system is one of the worst things to happen. This incident made the team review the different stuff in the previous grub implementation and try to simplify it to reduce the risk of future breakages. Also, this aspect is already explained in the release notes in a more eloquent way incase you want to read it again.

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But to my understanding they just had to run


One command. If they didn’t read the forum then need to chroot to make their system bootable.

Now they will have to deal with os prober, dual boot not showing up, and the kernel not displayed at boot if installing another version. The same users that don’t read the pinned post are not going to have an easier time. Just an observations. Perhaps I haven’t captured the full complexity of the grub issue but have followed closely the forum since it happened.

I will be happy to try the new iso out and see how it goes…

where can I download the new wallpaper?

When such a serious problem occurs, it is too much work for a small development team. I think it’s easier to create a beginner-friendly document than to help many people one by one.
So better arch compatibility, which is fine with me personally, because I am interested in the arch system, not individual solutions. By the way, I’m not against custom solutions, it’s just worth documenting what the pros and cons of a particular thing are.

For example :
pros : convenient grub operation
cons : not fine arch compatibilty

You can download them over here:

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Nederlandse versie hier


Dank je wel!

Another ISO? It seems the last one was just a few days ago. New ISO releases just remind me how fast the time flies… :skull:

Well, congratulations!

I think the decision to remove grub-tools was a wise one, bringing us closer to Arch.


It may seem like completely withdrawing the grub simplifications is overkill.
But it’s a clear signal that we care about such issues, and as in the way we work:

As close to Arch as possible, and with an eye for the best solution for both: development and you the user.

We are starting the further implementation of Grub from scratch which means it will most likely not stay as it is now with this release.


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It is EndeavourOS = Linux and we do indeed ship with … Linux to be exact the package installed to provide the Linux Kernel is on arch without a doubt called linux

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Yes, yes, yes, but you can’t deny that it looks/sounds funny :wink:

Not GNU/Linux :scream:

Maybe is EndeavourOS = Linux Arch ?? What’s on your desktop?

mostly … yes but not 100% and aside from that, I mean


in the sense of colloquial … and its grub code producing it not us (unchanged)

Russian version



Italian version: Artemis Nova è qui


Большое спасибо!

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Molte molte grazie!

Romanian translation is posted here