[ARM] Raspberry Pi 4b and 400 WiFi 5.1 fixed

The Raspberry Pi 4b and Raspberry Pi 400 both have WiFi 2.4 and WiFi 5.1 installed.
After an EndeavourOS install on the RPi 4, only WiFi 2.4 was working.

Two packages were not being installed for WiFi 5.1, ’ wireless-regdb ’ and ’ crda ’
These two packages are now included in a RPi 4 install, and the registered domain is set to US.

If you have WiFi 5.1 but the Rpi 4 is not showing it, AND you are outside the US, use vi or nano to edit:

sudo vi /etc/conf.d/wireless-regdom
#WIRELESS_REGDOM="US"       (add the # to comment out the US)
Find the line for your country, and un-comment that line by removing the leading #  

Hopefully the WiFi 5.1 will now show up.

This fixed the Raspberry Pi 4b 32 bit and the Raspberry Pi 400 32 bit.
Raspberry Pi 4b 64 bit still has WiFi 2.4 only.