Are there Linux users around you?

No, but not for a lack of trying. I have many relatively tech literate friends who simply refuse to use linux because they see it as uncool.

Yeah, my hubby uses Linux, too. And I know some of my blog readers are eager Linuxers as well.

I make people that work for/with me use Linux :innocent: by purchasing hardware for them preloaded with Linux.

Well, I’m a member of “old people”, 70. I’ve been using Linux ever since I retired from the computer/networking field, as it’s cheaper and easier to tailor than either Windows or MacOS. Of course, pior to Linux, as an “old people” type, I also used Windows, OSX, VMS, various flavors of Unix, CrayOS, a variant of NOS on the Cyber 70 mainframe, and RT-11 / RSX-11 on PDP-11s.

And after all that typing, I need some Benadryl …


No sadly there are no Linux users around me.

Hi mate… glad to find someone near my age (+60 here)
I see you are so experienced with computers and IT.

May I add, it is stable and usable. I do not spend most of my time trying to get it to work, it does not crash and does not crash every 10 minutes!
But I have to say, though Windoze has everything preinstalled and pre-configured (I see this is a con not a pro, no point of installing for example drivers of hardware I don’t have), though you do some effort and spend time installing/configuring after first install… once done it just works.
Best of all, I don’t need to buy a new laptop every 2 years to be able to run the latest windoze).
I am running the latest EOS on 10 y/o laptop and its performance is even better than a brand new high end laptop.

The worst thing, if I buy a new windoze and install it on a laptop, if this laptop gets crushed/smashed I do not have the right to install again on another laptop, though it is only running/installed on one laptop.

So, assuming windoze will be performing like Linux I won’t because they do not consider that I “own” what I “bought”.

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AFAIK this is inverse: Windows has some drivers preinstalled and others are auto detected by Windows Update, while on Linux the kernel contains drivers for almost anything except printers, Nvidia and Xbox controllers.

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You are right for sure (given your experience).
Anyway… my humble POV… windoze is defective by design.
Thank you.

When can i start working for you :smile::sweat_smile:

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