Are there any problems switching to dbus-broker in the update?

I was going to update the system but I saw that some people broke their systems because they switched to dbus-broker and I’ve been terrified to update ever since.

Smooth update, no issues for me so far.

On my end of the things, it went also just fine in a couple of Arch systems.

5 physical computers and 3 VMs all changed to dbus-broker with no problems here.

I cannot imagine being terrified of an OS…

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Oh believe me, you could be.
We got still one Windows box around in the house.
It’s not used. It’s just being there is terrifying :sweat_smile:

Keep in mind, the forum isn’t always representative.

People come post here because they have problems. Seeing a handful of people with an issue isn’t necessarily representative of a bigger issue.


Yeah, I just updated and it was all good. I was worried for nothing.

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