Are other desktop environments prethemed like xfce

Im looking forward to installing endeavour os, but i have a question i dont like xfce much, i like KDE but will it come prethemed like xfce?

Also is there any offline iso available for other environments?


Xfce is EnOS’ flagship desktop environment and as such comes pre -configured/-themed.
You will get only Vanilla “editions” of the other DE:s when you choose the online installation.

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Welcome! @pebcak covered everything. There’s one .iso - all DE’s and the only offline option is xfce, everything else comes with a wallpaper and no other theming. We keep it minimal here, it’s your computer - your way.


ok then ill just install xfce

That’s an odd choice if you don’t like xfce. . .

If you’re not installing KDE because of internet restrictions - just be aware that once you install xfce offline - you will likely have a huge update that probably won’t be a whole lot less than if you installed KDE online anyway. The offline xfce doesn’t come with any more or less software - it’s ONLY themed, so you’ll still need to download whatever programs you intend to use, which also won’t save you MB’s. . . . Just fair warning.

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You could theme up your KDE exactly as you want.

I guess what you need is endeavouros-theming package and then do it “manually” through the settings of your DE.

$ pacman -Ss endeavouros-theming 
endeavouros/endeavouros-theming 6.5-1
    Default EndeavourOS background images and icons for all different DE
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I have speculated that this might make for a ‘community edition’ project in the future… that some experts in the other DEs might develop EnOS theming settings as starting points for further customization - and then they should be ‘quick installable’. I wonder if any of those experts out there are interested (Share your desktop suggests there might be).

I am afraid I can’t help there - I have happily imbibed the XFCE KoolAid :grin:

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Except for i3wm, but its not your normal DE, its a tiling window manager.

I suppose that is true.

But i3. . . doesn’t really have anything if you don’t theme it. It’s not a DE - It’s just a template.

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Yes, but on the live iso they have the eos theme click box which makes the polybar and keybindings themed plus a couple of settings like gaps, and installs a couple of neat packages. Vanilla i3 is quite barebone but fun to configure if you are into it.

Even for me, that’s kind of a sadistic. That’s wayyyy too much effort for me anymore, I surely wouldn’t call it “fun.” hahahaha

If you have an hour to spare you can watch and follow along with this video (this guy has a funny talking style :grin:)

It will still be minimal but you will have built sort of your own DE. Its not everyones cup of tea, for sure.

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