Are Internet and the linux community getting more rude or is it changing?

“if I get comments like that again I’m going to fucking delete them”

Anyone who can’t handle critisism shouldn’t make YT vids and also should move to N-Korea :rofl:

I stopped watching after he said that. People who only allow comments with the same views as their own doesn’t deserve subscribers - no matter how good and informative the vid is. He promotes censorship


I don’t see it that way. He expressed his opinion that he is frustrated with people who make negative comments putting down his tutorial as meaningless because its’ done on virtualbox instead of actually being installed and that basically it’s worthless. I’ve watched some of his other videos and they are okay. I guess it would be just like someone coming on here and commenting on EndeavourOS pointing out that it’s not really Arch or something of that nature. I think it would cause some sort of reaction here too. I can see where he’s coming from. I wouldn’t say it’s promoting censorship. He’s just a little annoyed and that’s fair.


yeah I agree it’s fair - he’s allowed to express his opinion. I’m talking about if he actually delete comments that disagree with him. That is censoring others views

Thee’s no doubt tho - the internet have become more toxic these last years. People think they can behave however they want and any form of decency is out the window - so I get that he can be pissed but I will never acept censorship.

" I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It"

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I was a youtuber for 10 years and I got fed up with haters, trolls and others bottom holes in the comments.

I can understand you want to close comments.


t can’t. I think you did the right thing and quit hough. Censoring other persons opinions - even if they are just idiotic haters is a slippery slope

A compromise could be to close comments alltogether - that is possible. It’s the selective deltion I’m against

It’s not censorship, it’s moderation.

It is unacceptable that people can spit out their hatred without any punishment in return.

As Pierre de Beaumarchais said before the French Revolution: “Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n’est pas d’éloge flatteur.” = “Without the freedom to blame, there is no flattering praise.”

In other words, absolute freedom of expression ultimately destroys freedom of expression because it is reduced to having the biggest gun in your hand and shooting first.

Closing comments = victory for trolls and haters.

When you write something, you’re responsible for it. That is as simple as that. Maybe I’m to old to think an other way :slight_smile:

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I agree because there are a lot of trolls out there that just want a place to spew everything negative that they can about anything. I don’t necessarily think that everyone has the right to just say what ever they want. They can think it all they want but as far as being free to just post and say what ever they want is another story. I don’t agree that it’s censorship. I too understand why someone would delete stuff and don’t have problem with it.


Well that is internet. Either accept it or don’t - I’ll promise you it will not change. Haters are everywhere - but the anonymity of internet have made it easier for them.

And what you call moderation I call censorship as long as it is about a disageement about content. That’s just two diftartferent POV’s. IF a person start with name calling etc then I agree - it’s moderation. But I think the internet will become even more toxic in the future. What is abnormal and extreme today is normal tomorrow.

It only becomes normal if you allow it to. It isn’t normal and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to accept it as normal.

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I mean what is extreme to us will become normal to the next generation.

but this has gone very off topic now.

Internet is getting more toxic, but I am convinced that in the Linux community we’re on the brink of change. There are a lot of project that recently started where the positivity of a community bond and mutual respect is key.

Look at the recent collaboration with the Destination Linux team with Linux 4 everyone or the already existing Big Daddy Linux community. or Youtube channels like Chris Titus Tech.

These communities and channels are the proof that Linux is attracting more people and it’s communities like these who will thrive and make the original Linux communities scratch their heads eventually.

There is a change happening, also on internet and in the world. Small community driven projects are popping up trying to make people aware of their own actions.


Oh, this is 2019 internet. Not the 1996’s one I started with.

Well, if content is only “you suck”, “virtual machines are crap for showing package management” and such nonsense, why keeping them? It is only pollution.

Well, looks like hate will have better and better days in the near future. Because it is freedom of speech. Reminds me Futurama…

Oh yeah I can agree on that. But I don’t think we will see Arch embrace Manjaro anytime soon :rofl:

I think most grown ups behave normal on the internet - but the younger ppl think they can do whatever they want. It’s like IRL - those of us who remember a time before the internet have other values towards others it seems. There were communities and forums before internet too In society in genral I see a difference towrds the worse. Before you stood up on the bus when some elderly person came on. Kids today just sit and look the other way.

I’d like to see the Linux community come together and all pull in the same direction - for example the systemd hate has to stop. It’s here to stay - too many major distros have jumped on the train for this to go any other way. There are alternatives so I don’t understand the hate. You don’t want it - choose something else. Simple.


Well I too think videos showing off installis on VM are “crap” - I’m not interested in it I want to see installs on metal as I don’t use VM myself - that is my opinion - and it’s not moderation to delete a comment where I voice my opinion - it’s censorship :wink:

You’ve obviously been around long enough to see how the internet have become worse. It’s almost accepted to behave like a d**k. Sites like reddit and 4chan and especially 8chan have brought out the worst in some people.

Well, on VM are crap, I can say on one hand yes, but on the other no. Can you do a true bare metal test and say it is OK for everybody? No.

You’re using an Intel CPU? AMD users will tell you “what about us?”
You’re using an AMD GPU / card? Nvidia and Intel users will tell you “what about us?”

The same for SSD and HDD users, every brand of network chipset too. If you want to do true bare metal tests, you’ll need at least a dozen computers.

If you want to show some CLI tricks to manage files, a virtual machine is as good a bare metal one. If you want to show package management too. I just can stand useless comments as: “only bare metal videos can be trust”.

Indeed, it is known that a package manager will not behave the same way on VM and bare metal :crazy_face:

The worst of some people or what they really are? Well, I don’t know. Do you have an answer here?

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I moved the discussion to to a new topic because it is an interesting discussion.


I can only nod in agreement on everything you wrote here :+1:

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An interesting discussion. I think in some ways linux’s world is acting more and more in a children way.

Maybe it is related to people who started using linux with simpler distribution like Ubuntu xx.yy in the mid 2000.

I don’t spit on Ubuntu because it helped me back in 2006 to go mono-boot only. Between 1996 and 2006 I swaped between Linux and Windows a lot.

Ah, Mandrake Linux 5.1, Red Hat Linux before Fedora, old Slackware versions… I’m becoming nostalgic!


But that is changing and I think the teens nowadays are making that change happen.

Linux is evolving and there are a lot of original Linux users who are protesting to that change, look at Nvidia who now is opening their code.


For the better or the worse :slight_smile:

Well, I think some old linux users are… bottom holes? :smiley:

Nvidia opening their code is great. But I think some part of the linux world doesn’t want to see how Microsoft is applying its Extend, Embrace, Extinguish strategy: buying github, opening some software source code like its C++ library, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and so on.

Free Software World is producing a lot of good software, but with UI that are horrible. Another miss basic features, like CMYK support in Gimp for example.

A true victory for linux? Getting a port of Photoshop… But FSF eggheads will fight it because “it is not free, get out of here”.

We need more non-free software ports, not another 100% FSF approved distribution which will be useless for a lot of people.

It took 25 years to get a 2% desktop market share. Maybe something is wrong somewhere…