Are Flatpaks gaining popularity?

Bad or good worse or for the best.

Also some developers do focus on such as flatpacks or snaps. Also they dont want to bother with the upstream changes in distro specifik changes.

Like aur you can take everything from where you want also from flatpacks as source. But if GCC or some pyhtonish stuf is changed upstream and stuf to have rebuild or fix they dont want to bother quickly when something change also there gona be bugs sometimes. while in flatpacks you install it easily and less to bother… even you can install stuf side by side. For the future if they want to create software for linux in the future making out flatpak makes it just portable and just makes it work.

is not necesarry a bad thing.

Only bad thing gona be if a distro force you to use snaps or flatpacks… like ubuntu does. imagine you have a identical system in ubuntu 19 as example without snaps… then identical system in ubuntu 22 you need waymore space. is offcourse good for disk manufactures ::wink: but forcing is bad. freedom is good :slight_smile:


Very handy links, bookmarled!

Dogmas are always bad!

Sandboxed apps do have a general advantage over non sandboxed ones for the public and generally new Linux users, as Ubuntu folks quickly discovered, and made it their policy (Firmenpolitik). No need to mess with firetools, the command-line, etc. - Par example.

An idea that @pebcak mentioned was, that Arch Linux be not an immutable system.

But as @Shjim said, your system, your choice!

I can go for that.

I have no problem with flatpak.

I just haven’t found a need that wasn’t in the repos/AUR.

I used an appimage for protonmail for quite a while though when it wasn’t in the AUR yet.


I’m the same, I have never had a need to use them on EndeavourOS or Arch

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