Are Bleeding-Edge and/or Pre-Release Builds Present Somewhere? Can't Find Recents

Title sums it up pretty well. Went looking for fresher images and haven’t had luck finding any.

Either you wait or you build one ISO by yourself following github instructions. The best thing to do is to wait!

We will give you some food like this soon.
And we do need testers All the time.

The better we get sorted infrastructure out, schedule will be more stable.

And as @FredBezies say already connect at GitHub will be good also for reports.


Hey Fred, wasn’t asking for ETA’s. For whatever reason I sincerely thought a system was already in place, and just couldn’t find it. :neutral_face:

Feed me Seymour! (Thanks)

Wouldn’t want to rush anyone. Once dust settles testing can begin, no problem. :+1:


I do upload Beta Versions of the ISO on my Server also, but strictly BETA they are! :woman_factory_worker:

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Great. At least, we know when new betas are going to be released :slight_smile:

As I am in the woods there will be no new prerelease till next week​:sunrise_over_mountains:

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It will be hard, indeed. And mister Bugman - you know why I’m calling me this way - will be away from its desktop computer during two weeks in mid-august…


Bummer, planned on reaching out to you just this morning.

Wanted to forward any bugs I found to Bugman, since you appear to be considerably seasoned compared to me. That way, bugs are submitted through proper channels (git), gracefully.

A bug submitting section will be available very soon.


I will be in a “read only answer every three days or so” mode starting august 10th until august 25th.

Sorry, I need some time for me, once in a while. And I’m only a 10 years long archlinux user :smiley:

Since I can never settle in a DE I am thinking of clean install Xfce again. Is there a newer iso anywhere or am I installing the 15 / 7 iso?

The next release will be August the fifteenth, this is an updated ISO with some improvements in it. To be clear it’s not going to be the netinstaller since that one isn’t ready yet, but an updated offline installer.


OK. So, can I report some feedbacks on net-install or is it too soon for now?

Maybe you can do it on the Github page, so @fernandomaroto, @joekamprad and @manuel see it more directly.

I will try to do some tests when I’ll get some free time before being unavailable.

As far as I tested the only blocker was a missing efibootmgr binary when trying to install endeavourOS in online mode within an EFI enabled virtualbox virtual machine.


missing efibootmgr

yes i find this already too, i would like to not being too official with netinstaller at the moment, users will get it wrong, and we would have a lot nonsense discussion… but feel free to open an issue at GitHub and we can discuss there.

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Thank you. I’ll put Xfce back tonight. Expect a desktop showcase tomorrow :wink:

Well… I think I’ll wait until official tests are opened. Net-install is something tricky to create. As next ISO will be with an offline installer only, no need to speak about online installer right now :slight_smile: