Are Arch Based Systems Stable?

Maybe you ask there :slight_smile: ?

Could be they do not read in this forum :smiley:

There is already a comment on the package in AUR from someone who knew how to correct the current errors. Iโ€™m not experienced at compiling from source and the corrections didnโ€™t mean much to me. As I said, I solved the problem by using the debian package from Canonโ€™s website and converting it to an Arch package.

It must be distinguished whether it is the stability of the base system or the whole desktop environment. In the former case, ie when used with the command line, Arch can be said to be very stable, in the latter case it already depends on several factors. I should vote for the second one, but this is not entirely true because the 5.6.x Kernel causes me to crash while browsing, i.e. it requires interaction.

Indeed. I had to switch to the LTS kernel for a while now because the latest kernels caused random freezes.

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