Arch - with gui-installer?


it is been quite a while since i experimented with “arch” (antergos). now, that i have a spare laptop, i would like to give it a try, once more.

here is my question - which “gui-installer” will get me closest to arch (kde) these days?

endeavouros is close to arch, but it uses calamares, there you can select de kde also individual you can select a bit…comes close because not to much special :slight_smile: but its good, kiss ;:slight_smile:


hi ringo,

that sounds nice, thanks.

i have absolutely no problem with calamares (or probably any actual gui-installer), as long as it gets arch kde installed properly :wink:

when you say, endeavour-os is close to arch, what would be the biggest difference after all (well, apart from the way the installation is done)?

is there alternatives, which are closer to arch, or even 100% in the end*?

what about arcolinux, just to name one “competitor”?

  • this is not about the actual extent of some preinstalled software.

If you want to run pure Arch install Arch the Archway, other then this it will not be Archlinux per definition.

We do use an an GUI installer and we do some preconfigurations, and we do have some packages installed we create on our own or prebuild them from AUR.

Archlinux is not doing any of this, as you will do this all from scratch.


ok, i see.

nevermind, i believed there existed something like that, hence my question.

this does not sound to be too far away from what i am looking for. thanks.

Welcome @montycantsin,

I have not tried it with KDE, but you might check out zen installer, which I believe has that option, and seems to result in a fairly basic looking arch install.

I think you are looking for an install script from archlinux or other installers, you just hit google.I am not here to advertise others


yes right … we do not do any strange things and always try to stay as close to what arch uses as we can, and we do use arch repository and do not change packages.
So system is basicly arch with some additions on default packages installed and preconfigure on some basic things like timesysnc, theming for lightdm and grub.

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Hello i try arch with zen-installer and it works fine but i came back to endeavourOS and install breeze with the new endeavour online installer and it works very good and more comfort to use , i think endeavourOS go the good way

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I have pure Arch KDE, Antergos KDE converted to Arch, Endeavour KDE. I highly recommend Endeavour KDE for GUI install, everything worked perfect and looks very close to Arch.

Only problem I see with the online installer is the picture of Endeavour people is missing Tux playing Galaga :zipper_mouth_face: :innocent:


@FastGame, perhaps this image will be created live from the avatars later. :bulb:

I can attest to the fact that EndeavourOS is indeed layered on Arch with no major modifications. I had two systems running EOS KDE/Plasma/sddm. I sacrificed one to an experiment by removing all EOS scripts, apps, additions and modifications. I even removed the EndeavourOS grub theme and EOS reopositories. The resulting “Arch” system runs great. I’ve been using it for about a month with zero problems. In fact it runs so well I have decided to leave it as a psuedo-Arch system and treat it as pure Arch.

I don’t really recommend doing this because the Endeavour additions are nice and are really useful. Unless you’re like me and want to do everything (well most things) yourself.