Arch linux installation with xfce

Install it in a VM first so you can just copy and paste all the commands from the Arch wiki. It should save a lot of time

Once you’ve succeeded, you’re ready for a real install and manually typing out the commands

I haven’t installed Arch but that’s how I’d approach it

Yes, I agree with all the points. But what I meant is if I add EOS repo and make it identify itself as Endeavour instead of Arch, is it Endeavour after all or I am missing something it does when installed “normally”?

It still says Arch in inxi for example though.

No, you can’t. It omits quite a bit of details, so you are supposed to have a bit of understanding what you are doing…

I took a quick look around because I was curious but wouldn’t the differences be what is in this filesystem?

Did you also pull in and trigger the os-release.hook?

Maybe try it first, then provide advice? :wink:

If you have more than one computer, you never have to type the commands manually. You can enable ssh and ssh in. I do this even when installing in a vm because a terminal is generally easier to work in than a tty.


How to trigger it? sudo pacman -Syyu is not it?

It looks like it gets triggered when the filesystem package is installed or updated.

So unless that package was in your update it probably wouldn’t be triggered. Re-installing filesystem would probably work.

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Re-installing filesystem worked, thank you!! :smiley:

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Their contributions are excellent and very well argued :slight_smile:
This sums up hours of work, although I must admit that I have never used it → ssh and ssh in
Regarding using a console, it does have more scope than a tty indeed!