Arch-kde zen-install

I read a lot and found zen-installer and try it out with kde desktop .
I have a lean good working arch-kde on my computer now .
I have to go a lot to the arch wiki and install a lot by myself before all the media works .
I love endeavour but i had the hopper fever again .
I will follow endeavour close , i like the friendly good looking distro .
Greetings and happy holly days .

Hi @BennyW enjoy Arch KDE. But you did not have to leave Endeavour to get KDE and still have a 99% pure Arch install. I went the other way, installed Arch the hard way and then installed EndeavourOS over it. I have very few EndeavourOS specific packages on my system (only five as a matter of fact). Anytime you want to come back you’re welcome.

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