Arch barebone image brought to become a desktop Plasma-Pinephone

I have set up a Pinephone starting from barebone arch image,

and set up a plasma phone, since I did not like the Manjaro
version of it : - )

Still, it has to be perfected, but it is a good start.




Nice! Overall worth the purchase?

Yes, as I first tried out all the pineOs distros, like every one of them, then trying own things,
I learned a lot.
The pine phone here is quite slow, even if i am going to mount the intern emmc as swap,
do not expect much performance.
As for further things, going to improve it, with bigger buttons, font, gps navigation software
, …, so keep on learning that makes the purchase worthy : - )

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EDIT: explanation why I dislike both phosh and manjaro plasma, here is why:

had to unlock myself every minute, I tried even suspend energy saving,
set button handling, timeout set …
to avoid, did not work. You can not use a device when you most of the time
use to unlock it. Phosh wasn’t
better :slight_smile:
Then I like to group my apps, there were all in a single block.
And I like to have more than one desktop plus be able to personalize. …and so on
So Manjaro Plasma-Phone was nearly as bad as an iphone .and clearly worse than android
---- So I was expekting from KDE plasma something different.
With my construction I have now all those features :slight_smile: