Arc theme is not used in calligraphy (app)

I am using KDE Plasma, and I installed Calligraphy from the AUR

For some reason, the app does not use the Arc Theme (my default theme set for both Qt and GTK apps), and uses Adwaita instead.

I tried running with GTK_THEME=Arc calligraphy, but it still does not work. Other GTK4 apps like blanket and foliate uses the Arc theme without any issue.

How do I debug?

I think the better question is how do you have libadwaita apps following the system gtk theme at all? I just tested blanked, downloaded from the official Arch repos, which you say works for you, but on my system it uses its own theme regardless of what I set the system gtk theme to in Plasma’s settings. This is to be expected because this is what those libadwaita apps want to happen in the first place. The only way to theme libadwaita apps that I know of is Gradience.

Changing theme in plasma settings will not work for libadwaita apps. You will have to set an environment variable.

GTK_THEME=Arc blanket works for me. Also, GTK_THEME=Breeze blanket works. I added export GTK_THEME=Arc to my /etc/environment to make it permanent.

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Alright that works. The titlebar seemed kinda gltiched when using the breeze theme, but it did work.

I tried installing calligraphy and can confirm that using the environment variable doesn’t work. Although, I didn’t know that it worked for some apps in the first place. Maybe it depends on how deep into the trenches of libadwaita an app is as to whether or not the environment variables still works.

Anyways, I’m not sure there is anything to do about this. Like I alluded to earlier, a lot of the Gnome, Gnome Circle, and devs who make use of libadwaita in general don’t really want you to theme it. If you really want to though. Give Gradience a shot it is explicitly for theming libadwaita apps. That should work. Making it line up with the Arc theme is up to you though if you can’t find someone else that has already done that.