Appmenu-panel Global menu is missing from XFCE

Does anyone know of a way to install the appmenu-panel-applet in Arch?

I found the vala-panel-appmenu-xfce-git, but there are missing dependencies:

I am looking to use a Global Menu in a top panel, which works fine in Ubuntu based distro’s, but not in Arch.

Thanks in advance!

According to the Arch package search page xfce4-vala-appmenu-plugin is not listed as a dependency…?

$ yay -Si vala-panel-appmenu-xfce-git 
:: Querying AUR...
Repository      : aur
Name            : vala-panel-appmenu-xfce-git
Keywords        : None
Version         : 0.7.3-2
Description     : AppMenu (Global Menu) plugin for xfce4-panel
URL             :
AUR URL         :
Groups          : None
Licenses        : LGPL3
Provides        : None
Depends On      : gtk3  bamf>=0.5.0  xfce4-panel>=4.11.2  xfconf  libwnck3  vala-panel-appmenu-common-git
Make Deps       : cmake  vala  gtk3  libwnck3  bamf>=0.5.0  git  mate-panel  xfce4-panel>=4.11.2  xfconf  vala-panel>=0.3.75  budgie-desktop
Check Deps      : None
Optional Deps   : gtk2-ubuntu  unity-gtk-module  vala-panel-appmenu-registrar  jayatana  appmenu-qt  appmenu-qt5
Conflicts With  : None
Maintainer      : rilian
Votes           : 34
Popularity      : 0.043202
First Submitted : Thu 02 Apr 2015 12:00:28 AM EEST
Last Modified   : Sun 05 Apr 2020 07:59:31 PM EEST
Out-of-date     : No