Applocker for Linux

Android has apps that can lock specific apps. Are there any such apps for linux?

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As far as I know, there is nothing like that which works broadly across all Linux applications.

What are you trying to accomplish? There may be a different way of achieving the same goal.

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Similar to how WhatsApp has inbuilt locker. It locks the app when minimised, etc.

Something similar to individual app locking mechanism.

I get it, but that doesn’t exist as far as I know. If you can you explain the “why” you need that maybe we can propose an alternative option.

I don’t need it…just was curious if anything like that exists.

I am not very familiar with this applocker but when I looked at some example it seams not really fit for desktop usage.

If the only purpose is to lock unauthorised access from other people - on the desktup system you lock stuff “per user”. So everybody can use the same binary but data that belong to one “access” are specific to the user not the app. After you prove it’s you (login) then all of your data are accessible to you. Some may have additional encryption but that is special case which is mostly designed directly to the application (e.g. password manager).

The reason (in my opinion) is authenticating is annoying and you want to do it only once (after boot) and not multiple times when you switch from one screen to another.

If you want to separate different applications from each other (under same user) then it is different story and you can use virtual machines, containers, docker, … - each with different use cases.

Still I do not understand why lock only some applications when you can lock the whole device. Can you for example circumvent the application and access its data directly on the filesystem?

Edit: One thing comes to mind - you can search “parental lock” online which may suit your usecase.