Application uninstall files and folders forcibly

Good evening, I wanted to know if you know an application for this distribution that can delete files and folders that I can’t uninstall, such as iobit unistaller or unlocker for windows, thanks.

Can you share an example of something you can’t uninstall or delete?

If you are looking for a software that helps you to install and uninstall softwares easily you can use the pack manager: “Add/Remove Softaware”. All you have to do is run the commands:

$ yay
$ yay pamac-all

Now if you have a file and for some reason you can’t delete it, you have to find the location and run the command “rm”. For example:

If you want to delete the file “Notes.txt”, which is saved at home/user/Desktop, you have to move to directory “Desktop” using the command “cd” and then:

$ rm Notes.txt

I hope this helped you. If this is not enough you have to give us more informations about the problem you have. Good luck!


this is not needed to remove packages a few simple pacman commands can remove packages simply and easily without putting on a third party package manager

to simply remove a package
sudo pacman -R
to remove a package and its dependencies
sudo pacman -Rs

for more information on pacman see the wiki