Application to copy links in EndeavourOS KDE

Hello friends.

I need to copy many links to a text file (approximately 2000 for now), and currently I do it in the normal way, right click on the image that contains the link I want => copy link, and in the text file where I want save it => ctrl+v.

This is what I have been doing all this time, but I would like to know if there is another way to do it, for example, I would like to know if there is an application to copy the links that are under my mouse cursor when pressing a key (without having to that right click => copy link, for example imagine, press control when hovering over an image), and that these links are stored in a text document, or in an application, or something, and then take all those links and save them in a text document.

Is there an application like this or something similar for EOS KDE? I’m using Mozilla Firefox by the way.

(Or any other recommendation on how to copy links easily)

Thanks in advance!

take a look at copyq, there you can set the way you copy something.

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AUR has an extension firefox-extension-link-gopher.
But I’ve never used it so I know nothing more about it.

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Thanks to both friends, I will try these 2 programs when I have a little more time.

For now what I did was take the links captured from JDownloader and paste them into a text file.

It’s not the fastest and optimal way but it worked.

Thanks again!

One way to do this is writing a script (a series of proper bash commands) that reads the page, parses the contents, and writes the properly cleaned-up links to a file.
But this is reasonable only if you are familiar with the bash language…

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Thank you very much friend, I like to know that there are other ways to do it.

I don’t know anything about bash because I’m new to Linux, but I’m going to do some research on what bash is and how it works.

Thanks again!

If you know nothing about bash language, it probably will be a steep learning curve… unless you know other programming languages. :sweat_smile:

But here on the forum there are many bash experts.
If it is possible to give more details about what you are trying to do, for example the original page that needs parsing, and which links you want to save, then someone here might be willing to write the first version of the script… :wink:

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I’ve been looking at tutorials and yes, it’s harder than I thought (I thought maybe it could be a basic and easy language or something). :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much friend, but I do not want to disturb our friends in the forum.

But if you’re interested, what I wanted to do is copy the links when hovering the mouse over an image, without having to right click => copy link, for example I hover the mouse over an image and press ctrl+ c (or something like that), and the link is copied to the clipboard.

On the website for free models, free and without copyright

As you can see, if you put your mouse cursor over one of the thumbnail previews, you can right click => copy link, and you get a link.

So, while I copy these links, JDownloader stores them, and when I had copied all the links (for example, 2000, only the ones I want), the JDownloader plugin would take care of downloading them.

But, it’s not really a big deal, I mean, it’ll just take me a bit longer with right click => copy link, I opened the thread to see if I could automate copying links without right clicking.

It will probably take more time for our friends to program this with the Bash programming language than it will for me to copy the links manually, so that’s why I said I don’t want to bother our forum friends for things like this. :yum:

But thanks anyway for your interest friend! :blush:

I was in a similar situation some time ago (I had to archive a picture gallery of my old school before it would get killed) and I found a nice little process as “workaround”, kind of:

  • Open the webpage in a new firefox tab
  • Klick on all Links so that they are opened in a new tab
  • Once all are opened, right klick on one tab and select “Select all Tabs”
  • Once all tabs are selected, right klick again on one tab and select “Bookmark Tabs”
  • The bookmark menu shows up, create a new folder and save the bookmarks
  • Last step: Open bookmarks menu, select the folder you have just created, ctrl+a → ctrl+c → paste into textfile/jdownloader/

Maybe that helps!

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