AppImage's not work anymore after upgrade

It looks like ceph-libs was dropped to AUR recently.

However, ceph-libs doesn’t seem to be a dependency for boost-libs

Oh, you are totally right, it’s boost-libs is dependency for ceph-libs instead. My mistake.

Is ceph-libs included in default EndeavourOS installation or some other not-default package in my system required it one day? Octopi says: Installed as a dependency for another package. It it a way to check for which one exactly?

Try the pactree -r command

I don’t think there is a way to see why it was pulled in originally.

One common situation that occurs is that something was a dependency of another package but no longer is.

pactree just returns the same package:

[hotcapy@nagasaki ~]$ pactree -r ceph-libs

My /var/log/pacman.log starts at 2022-03-07, and already at 2022-03-08 there is a first mention of ceph-libs package:
[2022-03-08T20:36:39+0700] [ALPM] installed ceph-libs (15.2.14-5)
Not sure what this transaction was about (it took place very long time ago).

If this package is not required by anything in my system anymore, can I just simply remove it?


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