Appimages and where should they be stored

I am not a big fan of external generic universal packaging systems, but sometimes it might become a necessity. For me, the reason is the Tutanota email client, which unfortunately and for obvious reasons, is offered from Tutanota only through an Appimage for the linux distributions. I was wondering however, where would the ideal place be, for storing general Appimages, and since in the majority of them, while installing, you can also choose to integrate them with the actual desktop, would the initial location of installation of the Appimage matter ?

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Not really. As long as it is somewhere you have read access to. I keep mine in ~/Applications but you can keep them anywhere. You can even leave them in Downloads and run them right from there.

AppImages are clean and simple. It is one big file that generally, “just works”.

Alternatively, you can install appimagelauncher from the AUR and it will manage the AppImages for you and handle integration.


Alright, thanks, that helped me a lot clear out that.

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