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New to Endeavour here. I’m wondering about an Appimage application (Librewolf) that I’ve downloaded. It initially worked when I went to Properties and allowed it to Run as an executable. However, I wanted it to stay in my taskbar and now says "The file or folder /tmp/.mount_LibreWYwDkBS/io.gitlab.LibreWolf.desktop does not exist. Should I move the .appimage file somewhere else?


Try making a .desktop file for it.

It will then show in your desktop’s app menu.

Depending on your desktop environment, I guess, there are ab different ways to pin an app to the taskbar.

Also, depending on your DE, there may already be (gui) tools for making .desktop entries.

Anyways, for having an idea, here is a simple one I made for Bitwarden appimage:

[Desktop Entry]

For more:

Okay, maybe this is a little over my head here. There is a .librewolf folder in my Home folder. So I just run the above in Terminal, basically replacing Bitwarden with Librewolf and the AppImage name that was downloaded (LibreWolf.x86_64.appimage)?

The way I add Appimages in Plasma to the menu is to right click on the menu button
Click on Edit Applications

Click on New Item
Then add the relevant information

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create a launcher in the taskbar and test it

Ok this actually did work. For some reason the image is a blank page in the taskbar, but still works.

You might need to add the icon, you can add an icon the same way by clicking here

That did it! Many thanks! I’m new to KDE Plasma so it’s very helpful!

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You’re welcome

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