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Hi everyone new to Endeavouros and havin’t figured out how to install kshisen I tried term. is there a site to download from. I have played with other Linux oses and wanted to try this I’m using xfce .

thanks for any help

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Is this the package you are having issues with? ?

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yes I did get it figured out. Is arch Linux where I should look for apps

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A big welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. Thanks for giving Endeavour a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Yes. EndeavourOS IS Arch Linux with just a small handful of packages in the EndeavourOS repository. So the Arch repositories are your main source for packages.

You might want to read the Front Page of the EndeavourOS Web page.
Here is a quote from the Front page of the Web site.

@Bryanpwo doe the above quote from the main Web page also pertain to yay?

Thanks for the help I still having a learning figuring where things are but that’s why I like trying different Linux versions .

thanks again Wally

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for games, only gnome and plasma are installed native

pacman (PACkage MANager) is the main package management tool, along with yay.
Here is an EndeavourOS WiKi article on pacman commands

Here is the Arch Linux WiKi page on Pacman

There is a ton of information available in the two WiKis and this forum.


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ok thanks

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Yay is mentioned on the main page;

We offer a variety of eight Desktop Environments and one Window Manager, all of them are shipped with a modest selection of apps and packages to start your journey.

Amongst those are Firefox, a text editor called Nano, Yay a terminal-based wrapper for the AUR to search and install popular apps like Spotify, browsers such as Vivaldi or Brave and many more apps and packages.

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This is the place where you get information about the official packages:

And this is the place for unofficial packages:

To install packages, use pacman for the official packages. Another program, yay, can be used for installing both official and unofficial packages.

Then for updates, eos-update-notifier automatically informs you about updates, and also helps you with the update process.

It is recommended to prefer the official packages over the unofficial, because official packages simply have better support. Another reason is that the official packages are provided by the development team, but the unofficial packages are provided by any (possibly untrusted) user.