App closes itself

Hi people,
The problem is when desktop locks some apps close itself. For example, I have open Firefox, Chrome and Vscode, when unlock the desktop, only firefox keeps open and I have to open Chrome and Vscode again.
I’m using KDE desktop.
How can I solve this?

Thank you.

Are you being logged out at that point and Firefox is being restored as part of your session perhaps?

This doesn’t happen on my Kde system. If i have programs open and i lock the screen and open it after everything is still there.

Edit: If you try to logout with some applications open it won’t until they are closed so it usually bounces back to the desktop such as onlyoffice. I don’t know about vscode or chrome. Don’t use them.

I wonder about the log out thing as well. There is a Plasma setting to restart last session (from log out or restart), you could try selecting that to see if it helps.

Hi, I’ll try to enable this option.