Apollo Openbox

Installed openbox and as I have seen this issue with previous releases of EndeavorOS as well on i3 ( this time noticed it on openbox ) after login to openbox from login manager I am immediately taken back to login manager in a snap of a moment. Previously this issue got resolved by installing lts kernel but this time it happens on stock and lts kernels .

This is a very annoying issue , I was so excited to test openbox on Endeavour OS but I can’t use it .

Is there any fix for this issue?


Hi saleem. I’ve had that issue with bspwm and the fix I used was and still is to login with startx.

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Could you try ensuring the compositor is not enabled by default? You’re looking at ~/.config/openbox/autostart


@flyingcakes yes it was enabled and disabled it now I can login to openbox

So this is something related to compositor and not Linux or linux-lts

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Yes that is an alternative but I wanted a fix for the issue and thanks to @flyingcakes he pointed out compositor , you could try the same on BSPWM and check if it works for you or not

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Regarding login issues on wm, specifically the case where you login and instantly are sent back to login page, its mostly because of compositor. There’s no “one config fits all” so on many systems the compositor works out of box, while some systems have issues :confused:


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