Apollo ISO keys corrupt error with Syuu update command

Arch linux distros with latest kernel ISo display default error when we try to update system after installation.
sudo pacman -Syuu returns an error about pipewire-media-session and wireplumber conflict.
we need to remove pipewire-media-session.
Then update progresses.
Then comes keys error issue with endeavour OS Apollo ISO
Downloads packages but fails to install keys.
Update halts.

Work around is login as root and issue following command

pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring && pacman -Su

System installs valid keys and updates trusted keys data base ,further proceeds with installation of packages after verification of trust
Is it a bug or just happening because i am using Apollo ISO?

The older the ISO, the more problems. When you update, make sure you reinstall grub or you will not reboot, due to the August grub problem.

Download the latest ISO or you are just looking for problems.

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This is not the correct command to update, and possibly the reason to your issue.
If there is no specific reason, always use

sudo pacman -Syu
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