Anyway to move config settings for thunar?


I used to be on XFCE as my DE (before moving to bspwm) and I really like thunar on there as my GUI file manger. I am trying to make my configurations mobile to both control it better and also can apply it on fresh install of a Linux machine anywhere quickly. Unfortunatly it seems that configuration files for all XFCE applications are not reading from config file, and also saving a lot of transient junk in config files too. Is there a way to keep my setting clean and move it over with thunar? Any other filemanger you suggest to have a proper config that have a similar features like thunar (being customizable and light)?

Hi, I use Thunar on XFCE. It appears all it’s configs are xml and stored in some weird places. I would suggest checking out PCManFM as a file manager. As far as I am aware it uses a regular config file although I am not sure whether it is plain text or xml. It is desktop agnostic and there is a page about it in the Arch Wiki.

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Yes , it save them to xml files, it is not that bad if it was just user input config file. As long as it is not binary it is all good. But it keep transient stuff in it. Basically every time an application opened it changes the config. It is hard to keep track of and version control. Still I think if you copy the files to a new system it keeps most of settings (not tried it).

I will give PCManFM try ASAP.

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As far as I know ~/.config/xfce4 folder has configuration stored in it and for Thunar it’s the ~/.config/Thunar folder.

I have copied these folders to my new install a few times with all the XFCE and Thunar settings being restored. Bookmarks are saved seperately from Thunar config folder.

I use openbox with Thunar and this is all I have ever had to copy to keep Thunar settings.

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Interesting. It seems like the right info in those files, but XFCE has another directory ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/thunar.xml to keep settings too. Looks like this one being a new central one for all their applications. Not sure how it works.
Still I think i see accels.scm file always changes whenever I open thunar. I think it moves line order or something. It is annoying to keep track of real changes.

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Scripts are a good idea as well.

Ok I tested it . copy pasted ~/.confif/Thunar did nothing on the other system

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~/.config/Thunar keeps the keyboard shortcuts, the custom actions and renamer data, ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/thunar.xml keeps the GUI settings.