Anyone with the knowledge of using assetto corsa?

Hi, Good evening and good afternoon
I want to cut to the chase and save your time, I tried starting Assetto corsa on my pc using steam and lutris and following videos on youtube, Nothing helped actually (I know the game is silver on ProtonDB) and I really want to play it with my friends, I would really appreciate the help <3 .

I havent seen many posts where people are unable to boot the game and have it remain stable, but the posts seem to lean more towards configurations and how there are issues with load times and timeouts from online races.

GE and standard Proton seem to show similar results from the protondb page, so not sure if anything further could be done.

Overall the levels of tinkering that are required seem very conviluted in order for the game to even run, let alone getting a online race going. But, juding by peoples hardware and their dirver versions, it seems to be a compatability issue as appose to (what i would find more annoying) a user or configuration error.

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