Anyone using WiFi on LInux?

It would appear that there is a set of memory-related vulnerabilities in the kernel’s WiFi stack that can be exploited over the air via malicious packets.

Ain’t it fixed already in recent Arch updates?

Tell me more if you have any insight. I hadn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it here.

CVE-2022-41674 (RCE)
CVE-2022-42719 (RCE)
CVE-2022-42720 (RCE)
CVE-2022-42721 (DoS)
CVE-2022-42722 (DoS)

Fixed for all Kernels:

So…You better update kids!



That makes it definitely look better to be on the Arch side!

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That’s what’s nice about linux. They get fixes out faster than people can post about them :smiley:


em wifi on linux for two years. So we need to update system? I do that mornig and now. Is that ok?

Wifi is the only internet connection for me. Without it I wouldn’t be written this here…

same. laptop only got wifi to connect network.

I don’t really use open Wifi on Linux, maybe reliable Wifi, but lately mostly mobile internet.

If your system is up to date - there is nothing to worry about, Arch have fixed those issues.