Anyone using solokey or yubikey

Anyone using Solokey or Yubikey in EnOS?
As per Arch wiki, It seems that Yubikey is not fully compatible with Linux

Edit: Correction, arch wiki just saying that yubikey is not opensource, nothing about compatibility

I’m thinking about buying one, but I just started my research, if someone has experience with it in Linux, kindly share your thoughts and experience, thanks.

I used yubikey on linux, you just plug it into usb and touch with finger to activate for example via lastpass for two factor autentification. It worked :man_shrugging:

But that was on ubuntu about 1-2 years ago. I can grab it and try in eos if it gives you piece of mind? Its pretty nice and easy to set up.

Edit: I think you need to try your own because they released new versions since I tried them

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Hm, nice, I’ll buy one, that is the confirmation I needed… Thanks
I’ll also sign up for lastpass :slight_smile:

Bitwarden is open source and can be used on lots of devices at once. Here is their page on using yubikey:


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