Anyone using Nano Adblocker?


Good day to be running Firefox I guess.

I suspect more people are using nano defender than are using their adblocker but it seems both are at issue.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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I don’t use any of these blockers. I just use Firefox.


Btw, I use Firefox+uBlock Origin.


on Arch, btw? :blush:


I do use nano defender. It was the most effective anti-adblocker I could find as of about a year ago. I am not sure if there are better options today.

I tried using anti-adblock lists in ublock origin but they were only partially effective.


Which ones? AAK?

I don’t remember which ones specifically. I tried several. They all helped but they weren’t comprehensively effective in the way nano defender is. With nano-defender, I never see anything detecting I am using an adblocker.

In case it was indeed AAK (I think it’s the best known), it needs a userscript installed as well to work correctly.

regardless of peeps opinion on using Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin together I simple don’t get any ads at all on their default settings. I’ve been running them in conjunction for years.

In this case, it isn’t about blocking ads. It is about blocking anti-adblockers.

In other words, when you go to a site and it notices you are using an adblocker and restricts or limits access to content based on that.

Depending on your browsing habits, you may or may not encounter such sites.

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It’s not about ads themselves, but about circumventing ad-block detection by some sites, preventing access in most cases.
You can often get around with it by using NoScript or uMatrix with the right settings.

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One of the main reasons I use Adblock Plus it disables most of the blocker detectors it runs across before they lock you out of there content.

uMatrix baby!!! Best there is IMO.

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same here b.t.w