Anyone using lkrg?

A search forum wide yielded nothing. Curious if anyone is using lkrg?

I installed it earlier today after updating to 5.11.15 and running NVidia 465.24.02 without problems.

More here
and possible performance effects here



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Hi LizzieAS

Dont know if its like mana (Kali) for RAP protection per se.Interesting concept… I decided to use it given NVidia drivers on my gfx solution of choice. Not that I dont trust the drivers, but everything in between.

Forgot to add-- the machine with Endeavour is a desktop, not wifi capable so at least part of RAP vulns as they may be commonly perceived…are not present.

Other than the drivers I mentioned, the only other thing --other than normal attack surfaces presented by a machine running on an Eth LAN where I control not only the gateway but everything else on the LAN–is a piece of native Linux ware I use to look at various cryptos. Other than that there isnt much other than, again, normal attack surfaces…