Anyone using kopia for backup?

I really wanted to switch to Kopia from borg/restic as it has built in gui and works on windows.

It works fine for smaller runs.

When i’ve tried to backup 1TB+ it kept crashing after a few hours. Tried on 2 different machines.

Too unreliable so deleted it.

ps. the gui isn’t very nice either.

Now I’m stuck as borg is better at everything except backblaze, which restic has.

Restic gui is a problem but the real issue i’m worried about is:

  1. Prune supposed to take ages.
  2. When I cancel mid-backup, restic spends hours rehashing everything all over again. At least borg seems to recover from cancellation mid backup without wasting time.

Still trying to decide between the two.

Are you trying to backup directly to the cloud?

I use borg to backup to a location on my local network and then rclone a copy to the cloud. Since rclone supports backblaze, that may be an option to consider as well.