Anyone using kopia for backup?

I really wanted to switch to Kopia from borg/restic as it has built in gui and works on windows.

It works fine for smaller runs.

When i’ve tried to backup 1TB+ it kept crashing after a few hours. Tried on 2 different machines.

Too unreliable so deleted it.

ps. the gui isn’t very nice either.

Now I’m stuck as borg is better at everything except backblaze, which restic has.

Restic gui is a problem but the real issue i’m worried about is:

  1. Prune supposed to take ages.
  2. When I cancel mid-backup, restic spends hours rehashing everything all over again. At least borg seems to recover from cancellation mid backup without wasting time.

Still trying to decide between the two.

Are you trying to backup directly to the cloud?

I use borg to backup to a location on my local network and then rclone a copy to the cloud. Since rclone supports backblaze, that may be an option to consider as well.

and attention dalto,

before sending your Borg repository to the cloud after a backup, you need to wait…

in fact, there still seem to be cached files (or who knows where) to be processed in borg even though the backup of the repository to the cloud has been completed… I noticed this with rclone --check. the .hints or indexes of the local repository were not on the cloud, which is annoying…

So I set a timeout of 30 seconds - you could set more, but that’s not all - a backup is important…

Basically, before the backup in Vorta, I play the command :

rclone sync -v /media/falke/ce91d466-2c4d-43f4-89d5-e90400be97542/Sauvegardes_Borg/ pcloud:Sauvegarde_data_distante/

to make sure that everything has been synchronized since the previous backup

and after the backup I play :

sleep 30 && rclone sync -v /media/falke/ce91d466-2c4d-43f4-89d5-e90400be97542/Sauvegardes_Borg/ pcloud:Sauvegarde_data_distante/ > /home/falke/Bureau/Borg_data_log 2>&1

so, to make sure that all files get to the cloud

I also tried the following:

  • destruction of my local repository + destruction of the associated local directory (data :slight_smile: , I had made a copy before )

  • Rebuild my local repository + restore my local data. All went well.

It may feel a bit “paranoic” but this is my actual backup process:

  1. For most secure and privacy needs:
  • Borg + Vorta (GUI) on an external SSD
  • Kopia on another external SSD
  • Some files also sync with cloud (zero knowledge client side encryption)
  1. For secure but less privacy needs data:
  • rsync to external SSD
  • copy the above external SSD to another one
  • Sync with pCloud (seems to me less secure than Filen, but more useful for my photographies)

That’s it. And to answer to the original question from @dalto , yes, I am quite happy with Kopia.

Thanks for the heads up. I never noticed that but my borg and rclone jobs are separate and many hours apart.

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Reminds me of this comment :sweat_smile::

Friends don’t let friends use Duplicati.

I recommend Rclone, Vorta, Kopia, or Duplicacy as backup solutions with a webui.

I know this is an older topic but it just popped up on my feed.

I can recommend Duplicacy.
There is a free CLI version and a paid Duplicacy Web Edition which I use.
I do prefer to use a GUI when using a backup software because I think it’s too easy to mess up a command in the CLI.
I backup data over SFTP to my NAS via Duplicacy.

2021 & 2022 they had a Black Friday Lifetime offer which they might do this year as well.