Anyone using EOS on Legion slim 7 or Zephyrus g14/15?

let me try the microphone…

I have a couple of additional outputs for sound that may help, again I am quite ignorant concerning sound cards and drivers. Will try to post them here as I find what is relevant…

pipewire-pulse info:

[zircon34@topaz ~]$ systemctl --user status pipewire-pulse.service
● pipewire-pulse.service - PipeWire PulseAudio
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/pipewire-pulse.service; disabled; preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Tue 2022-10-04 18:57:57 MDT; 1h 9min ago
TriggeredBy: ● pipewire-pulse.socket
   Main PID: 1360 (pipewire-pulse)
      Tasks: 2 (limit: 18197)
     Memory: 35.7M
        CPU: 14.299s
     CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/session.slice/pipewire-pulse.serv>
             └─1360 /usr/bin/pipewire-pulse

Oct 04 18:57:57 topaz systemd[1135]: Started PipeWire PulseAudio.
Oct 04 18:57:57 topaz pipewire-pulse[1360]: mod.rt: Can't find xdg-portal: (null)
Oct 04 18:57:57 topaz pipewire-pulse[1360]: mod.rt: found session bus but no portal
Oct 04 18:57:57 topaz pipewire-pulse[1370]: 536870912

yes it works on current kernel but not lts. On LTS there is no wifi symbol and no wifi settings available. When I boot on current and zen kernels wifi is available. Strangely, if I have a eos usb key in the laptop and suspend or log/out in the wifi disappears. I need to reboot to make it reappear. It’s a strange bug. Else wifi works very well. So it seems there are some kind of conflicts appearing when 1) the computer goes to sleep, or 2) when a usb key is connect after sleep or logout. Would need to test more, but these are all corky little bugs I guess.

The laptop build is absolutely amazing, and it keeps cool all the time, when I work with it the bottom just keeps cool and it ventilates really well!

I am also hopeing that some of the things maybe fixed in kernel 6. Do you think I should try building that kernel and boot in it? have never done that, no idea if it is difficult.

I think the WiFi chip is so new that maybe it won’t work on lts?

Edit: I see it lists mt7921e as the module. I think i have seen this before.

microphone not working :exploding_head:

Lets hope the new kernel 6.0 fixes some issues.

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It’s the basic problem, wifi or speakers are commonly difficult to predict, and there can always be driver issues when checking out laptops, especially gaming laptops. I thought I did enough search, but discover some bugs after the fact.

It maybe easier to just build a desktop or buy from vendors like systme 76. I just don’t get it, why doesn’t AMD partner with a company to give combined cpu/gpu that works on linux. That would be awesome.

Edit: also don’t know if it is even worth trying to ask for Lenovo support, at least mention that it bothers linux users

I also found this to compile my kernel

I also wanted to mention that this laptop has a hardware camera switch on the right side, this is a nice touch! and it works…

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I have not done it before so i don’t know much about the process to build a kernel. Also i don’t think it has anything to do with AMD. I don’t know who makes the motherboards for Lenovo laptops and they must make the design. It has Intel audio as well as other audio hardware. It has AMD hardware but i don’t think it’s any fault of AMD if sound doesn’t work.

I just hope that AMD cpu/gpu will be more common on linux laptops. For example, looking at system 76 I only see AMD Ryzen with Nvidia RTX. I know linux community may not be a big share of the market, but perhaps it is a niche that could be valuable to get, especially considering the current situation for example with steam deck, bringing linux to the gaming community. Perhaps another thread…

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You could always get a usb audio cable that has the soundchip built in if you really needed it.

Even my Legion 5 which is older than yours doesn’t have wifi on lts yet. You’re too new.

Check your rfkill list, I had more than one thing on it with my AMD legion.

Abs I also love the hard kill camera.

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The audio jack for earphones works… The built in computer mic doesn’t. I haven’t tried yet the mic from the jack port.